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Weekly Service

We Make Your Water Sparkle

  • Weekly Chemical Service - $39.50 per week
    We regularly test your pool water for sanitizer, pH, and alkalinity. If needed we also test for metals in the water, (copper, iron and manganese) dissolved solids, algae bloom, phosphates, calcium hardness and chlorine stabilizer. We have managed pool water for nearly fifty years. We probably haven't seen it all, but we've seen a lot and know how to keep pool water clear.

  • Enhanced Weekly Service  - Optional Addition to Either Service Above - $8.50 per week
    This service is designed for pool owners who don’t have the time or don’t want to mess with emptying skimmer and pump baskets and backwashing their sand filter.  If this describes you, then our expanded weekly service is perfect for you!  In addition to the weekly chemical service option that you select, we make sure the water is being filtered properly.  We empty the pump and skimmer baskets and backwash your sand filter each week.  In addition, the technician will note on the “call card” anything requiring attention such as low water level or leaks at the equipment pad.  This service improves water flow, chemical distribution and is critical to proper operation of the heater.

 Weekly Chemical Service For Your Spa

  • Weekly Spa Service – $12.50 per week
    We test the spa water for chlorine, pH, conditioner & alkalinity and add chemicals necessary to balance the water.  This service is an optional addition to weekly service options 1 & 2 above.  We use your chemicals, and deliver replacement chemicals when necessary.  Chemicals are provided at competitive prices and are stored on your property. 

Vacuuming Of Your Pool & Spa

  • Weekly, $60 per vacuum
    Bi-Weekly, $75 per vacuum

    We also vacuum your pool, if requested.  You may have the vacuuming done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We skim floating debris from the surface, vacuum pool floor, empty skimmer and pump baskets and backwash your sand filter.  The price is based on 45 minutes.  Additional labor charges apply if the pool requires more that 45 minutes to clean.

    Vacuuming is not done at the same time as weekly chemical service.  We normally do the vacuums throughout the week, but the day may vary due to weather, holidays, etc.  In the spring when many customers request vacuuming at opening, a one-person vacuum crew works Monday through Friday and tries to vacuum each pool within a couple of days of the opening.