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Spa Covers

Keep your spa cleaner and enhance its appearance with a new cover.  A new spa cover also reduces energy consumption and pays for itself in reduced energy costs in very little time.

We sell replacement covers for spas and hot tubs of any size or shape.  Our spa covers are manufactured to the exact dimensions of your spa.  They are available in:  Brown, Black, White, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Teal Green, Gray, Charcoal, Blue, Navy, Almond and Tan.

Our spa covers are constructed of 100% marine grade vinyl and are UV, mildew & cold crack resistant to ensure durability through several seasons.  They are insulated with 1 1/2 pounds of High Density foam, tapered from the center to the outside to facilitate rain run-off.  They reflect the commitment to superior workmanship, attention to detail and unsurpassed quality that you expect.