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Safety Covers

Keeping your family safe is your main concern.  Guard against accidental entry during the off-season while keeping your pool attractive with an Anchor Safety Cover.

We sell and install Anchor Safety Pool Covers because they guard against accidental entry; winter debris…and they keep your luxurious pool area attractive all year long.  Anchor manufactures quality safety pool covers to fit any in-ground pool.  In addition, Anchor offers form-fitting accuracy for those tricky garden walls, spas, boulders, raised bond beams, as well as multilevel pool areas.  We provide unmatched quality, outstanding service and speedy delivery.

Mesh Covers
Mesh covers are the most economical and lightweight and offer great value for your dollar. 

Anchor Mesh Safety Pool Covers are:

  • Made of grade “A” polypropylene mesh.

  • Constructed with heavy-duty wear strips

  • Available in green, black or blue mesh

  • Have a limited 144 month (12 year) warranty

To compliment your new mesh safety cover, Anchor offers Mesh-Mate a black bubble layer of polypropylene that floats on the surface of the water beneath the mesh cover forming a barrier to block sunlight and inhibit algae growth, while also reducing the amount of silt on the pool sides and bottom.

Solid Covers
To completely eliminate dirt and silt in your pool over the off-season, consider an Anchor Solid Safety Cover.  Solid safety covers come in eight (8) colors, are made of 15 oz. or 18 oz. vinyl and are treated with antimicrobials to resist the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing germs.  They use hook-less rubber ties to prevent damage to your pool deck and carry a limited 120-month (10 year) warranty. 

Available Colors

Forest Green
Royal Blue
Light Blue