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Openings & Closings

Our services include pool openings in the spring and closings/winterization in the fall.  Pool openings occur in March, April and May; closings begin the Monday after Labor Day and continue through late fall.  We mail flyers describing our services and pricing.  The spring flyer is mailed in mid-February.  The fall flyer is mailed in mid-August.  If you are not currently on our mailing list, call our office (317 545-1980) and ask to have your name added.

We offer two different packages for opening and closing:

1.    Mechanical  package – this is a basic mechanical opening or closing of the equipment

2.    Full Service package-this includes everything in the “Mechanical"” package plus installing or removing the pool cover.  At opening, this package also includes vacuuming the pool.

Scheduling is done on a first-come/first-served basis.  A service request form is included in the spring and fall flyers. To schedule an opening or closing, complete the scheduling form, indicating the services you want and the week you want your pool opened or closed.  Then sign and return the scheduling form to us.  We make every attempt to schedule your opening or closing during the week you request.  Because our schedule fills quickly, it is sometimes necessary to schedule your service for a week either side of the week you select. 

The work schedule for each week is developed the week before.  At that time, you will be assigned a day for the opening/closing of your pool.  We will call the Friday before your assigned week to let you know what day we will be out.  We group our openings/closings by geographical areas based on who has signed up for a particular week.

Upon request, we will establish credit accounts for customers whose credit history meets our credit requirements. For those customers who have not established credit; our terms are COD. If credit has not been established a credit card number is required to schedule service. Your credit card will be pre-authorized. Upon completion of the service we will accept payment by cash, check or charge the credit card you provided.

For openings:

  1. Bring the water level up to the normal swim level (midway up the skimmer box).
  2. We need access to water and electricity.
  3. Your pool parts (skimmer & pump baskets, eyeballs for inlets, hand rails and ladders) should be accessible and in plain view.

At closing:

  1. We need access to water and electricity.
  2. Your pool parts (winter plugs, water bags, and cover) should be accessible and in plain view.