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Heater Inspection & Cleaning - $69.99
Having an inspection & tune-up done in the spring can ensure that everything is functioning properly and that you’re getting maximum performance for your energy dollar. We inspect for rodent damage or nesting, check the thermostat for corrosion or chemical damage, test the ignition system for proper functioning, inspect the burner box and heat exchanger for corrosion or debris and test the operation of the controls and switches.

Pool & Spa Heaters
We service and repair all makes and models of pool and spa heaters.

When replacement is necessary, we recommend and install Rheem and Raypac heaters.  These heaters have proven reliability and performance.  Their performance is proven year after year, pool season after pool season, in cities all across America.  And when there are problems, they are easy and less expensive to work on than other brands.

Rheem and Raypac heaters incorporate a wind resistant design that keeps wind, rain and debris outside the heater.  These pool & spa heaters comes with a microprocessor-controlled thermostat.  You set the pool or spa temperature you prefer and the heater keeps it at that precise temperature.  The digital display makes it easy to set the desired temperature and gives you a constant readout of the pool water temperature.  Just set it, and forget it!