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Auto Covers

Auto Covers
We install automatic covers on any pool and provide service and repair on all existing pool covers.  We also install replacement cover fabric on an existing cover.

An automatic pool cover makes a cleaner, safer pool and saves you money.  Every year, unattended swimming pools claim the lives of hundreds of children.  Make your pool safer with an automatic pool cover.

With an automatic cover youíll spend less time cleaning your pool.  The best way to keep a pool clean is to keep it covered.  With an automatic pool cover, opening and closing the cover is so simple you can keep your pool covered whenever itís not in use.

Automatic pool covers save energy when heating your pool.  Heating an uncovered pool is like heating a house without a roof.  Even without heating, the sunís energy on the automatic pool cover will raise the water temperature as much as 10 to 15 degrees.

Our covers are available in eight standard colors, one to suit your taste.  The fabric comes with a seven year limited warranty, the strongest in the industry.